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Anthony Tony O'Brien, Preacher's kid, Gulf War vet, IRONMAN triathlete & Dad, served in Marines then SEALs, following Dad Deacon Don & family who served our country. Their Blue Star family has members serving today.

He was raised in Brockton, Mass. where his family experienced a tragic home fire when he was age 6. They are forever grateful to Brockton's bravest firefighters who rescued all of his family members. 
heroic Mom (age 28) & brother (age 1) died the next day from injuries in the fire; thank you for the gift of life, RIP our sweet Guardian Angels, see you on the other side . . . 

His Dad Don, a Marine Corps veteran & former Deacon of St. Edward Church, later remarried Lorraine, also a widow also with 3 young children, and he grew up in a wonderful step-family with 7 siblings. They 
later lost Lorraine to cancer & ask you to join us in donating to cancer research to try to stop it from taking too many too soon.
His Dad later remarried Andrea, also a widow also with 7 children,
for a more wonderful step-family with 14 siblings.

He attended St. Edward Elementary & North Junior High schools and under-performed in sports while his siblings Ed (baseball), Mark (baseball, football) & Josephine (basketball, softball) were sports stars. He enjoyed art lessons at Fuller Art Museum receiving recognition in local art competitions and enjoyed service in his Church as an altar boy & choir member.

At Cardinal Spellman High, he was selected to the National Honor Society for academics. After failing to make the junior varsity teams in football & baseball, he was recruited to the track & cross-country teams by Coach Nick Siciliano who was also one of his teachers and a wonderful mentor during high school.
He helped turn around the cross-country team from a 2-8 win-loss record to 7-3, became a cross-country & track teams co-captain winning several team & individual awards placing in state & regional races, and in his senior year in high school finished three marathons (26.2 miles) including Philadelphia, Boston & the New England AAU Junior Championship in Holyoke where he received the second place silver medal.

Spellman was the key to Tony receiving an academic scholarship to Stonehill College where he was also recruited to the cross-country & track teams but in his first season suffered a leg injury in a motorcycle accident prohibiting running for several years. During college, he played hockey & baseball in regional leagues, competed in local golf tournaments, and coached young teens in CYO basketball & Colt league baseball.  
While in the military, he continued his competitive running career winning several awards placing overall and in age & team divisions, finished 15 marathons (26.2 mi.) throughout the U.S., and represented the Navy in many races throughout the U.S. & overseas.
While expanding to cycling races & triathlons (swim, bike, run), he had similar success winning many awards incl. 2nd place at the Navy SEALs Super Frog Half-IRONMAN Triathlon in San Diego and highlighted by finishing the IRONMAN Triathlon World Championship (swim 2.4 mi, bike 112 mi, run 26.2 mi) in Hawaii including as a member of the Navy’s IRONMAN team that finished second in the IRONMAN team division.
After adding body weight (180 to 205 lb) incl. with greater strength training, he competed in a 10 mile(s) road race in Virginia & he won first place in the "Clydesdale division" (over 200 lbs).  
While in the military, he also earned awards in golf, rugby, softball & boxing tournaments, and instructor certifications in rock climbing, skiing & swimming.  
While in the Marines & training a
t Bridgeport CA in the Sierra Nevadas mountains, he led a Marine Corps biathlon (ski-shoot) team that finished in first place in a biathlon tournament.   

He and his brother Donny are golf partners on the team who are two-time winners of the annual Cardinal Spellman High Joey Glynn Memorial golf tournament with one of the largest golf fields of 216 golfers who contribute to the wonderful fundraiser for his HS. 
During his last assignment in the Navy in Norfolk VA, he coached a youth basketball team for ages 8-10 on the Navy base. 
After military service, he coached teams in Brockton for little league baseball ages 8-10 and evening basketball for young teens. 
He competed in the National Museum for the Navy SEALs 5k race and placed first in his age group.
He is coaching his young sons as runners who participate and earn awards in local road races improving strength & endurance.   

In high school, he served as a writer for his high school newspaper, and was active in theater as an actor, vocalist, stagehand and member of singing and dance choruses in several productions directed by his teacher & theater director Bob McEwan, a legend in Spellman school-spirit and a wonderful mentor during high school. He enjoys returning to his alma mater especially with his children to attend sports, theater, ministry & alumni events.   For longtime participation in & support of his alma mater's theater program, in 2011 he was inducted to the Cardinal Spellman High Robert McEwan Drama Hall of Fame. 
Besides his awesome Moms & Dad Deacon Don, Tony most credits his HS theater director Mr. McEwan & Coach Siciliano as top mentors that best prepared him for and had greatest impact on his adulthood & lifetime of determination & service.  
He also served in the Boy Scouts & volunteered in his Church with his Dad. While working his way through school in several jobs including delivering newspapers starting in 5th grade and as a restaurant worker, Teamster warehouseman & pro shop assistant for his Uncle golf pro Gerry Mackedon, winner of several tournaments throughout New England.

In the Marine Corps, he served in the infantry with 1st Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment & 1st Reconnaissance Battalion at Camp Pendleton CA deploying throughout Asia & the middle east and received the French Fourragere award & Navy Achievement Medal from GEN Stackpole and Navy Diver & Army Airborne (parachutist) insignias (plus attended Army Jumpmaster course). His Recon platoon trained with LAPD SWAT Team, also trained with SEALs in Japan during a deployment to Asia & served as extras in the Clint Eastwood movie Heartbreak Ridge. 
Then he served on staff at recruit training at Bootcamp Parris Island SC supervising training and instructors as a series commander and battalion executive officer, competed in marksmanship matches, and received the Meritorious Unit Citation & Navy Achievement Medal from GEN Hoar. He also earned his FAA airplane pilot license in Columbia SC.

Then Secretary of the Navy James Webb selected him for transfer from the Marines to the Navy to tryout for the SEALs & he completed SEAL basic training (cl. 156; at 28 max age allowed) considered one of the most challenging military training programs
with some of the most physically fit military personnel in the world whose expertise incl. international crisis response, disaster relief and search & rescue.  

Highlights of his service as a SEAL incl. being assigned to SEAL Team FIVE and SEAL Delivery Vehicle Team ONE serving throughout the U.S. and overseas onboard several ships & submarines and was awarded Navy Unit Commendations, Combat Action Ribbon, Southwest Asia Medal, Kuwait Liberation Medals & Battle Effectiveness Award. 
While operating out of the Philippines where his SEAL platoon was a contingency security unit for the US embassy, his 
platoon deployed to Korea for arctic warfare training and, during a heavy snow storm near a high-elevation village, suspended training as the platoon was called upon to lead a rescue medevac of a local Korean woman who was pregnant & severely-injured. 

During the Gulf War, he was selected to be SEAL operations officer for ComPhibTaskForce FIVE (ADM Clarey) supporting SEAL Team THREE & supported SEAL Team EIGHT working for ADM McRaven as part of the coalition force of 38 countries for the Kuwait liberation mission, his SEAL Task Force processed 1,500 POW's during combat operations, and ADM Clarey awarded him the Navy Commendation Medal and dozens of medals to members of his units as part of Joint Task Force Middle East during Operations Desert Shield, Desert Storm & Provide Comfort. 

Then his SEAL task force was redeployed as the first response team on the ground for international disaster relief operations for the cyclone in India & Bangladesh that killed 135,000 people & left 10 million homeless (deadliest cyclone recorded) and was awarded the Humanitarian Service Medal & Joint Meritorious Unit Award during Operation Sea Angel. 
Then he was assigned as maritime counter-terrorism operations chief for USCINCPAC ADM Larson coordinating operations for multiple federal agencies throughout Asia, Australia & middle east incl. working with U.S. Secret Service details for which ADM Larson awarded him the Defense Meritorious Service Medal.                              

In his last SEAL assignment as SEAL Training Officer for NSWG-2,
he coordinated training for active duty & reserve SEAL Teams throughout the US, Europe & central America plus the advanced SEAL training course (STT) and sniper & breacher courses,
was selected SEAL operations officer for a JSOC task force where ADM Olson awarded him the Joint Service Achievement Medal;
he completed Army Ranger School (cl. 11-00; at age 41, one of only 3 graduates ever in their 40s) another of the world's most difficult military courses, where GEN LeMoyne (brother of SEAL ADM Chuck Lemoyne) awarded him Ranger School's distinguished leadership award; and
he was selected SEAL Detachment Commander in Kosovo supporting SEAL Team TWO conducting peacekeeping operations as part of Task Force Falcon during Operation Joint Guardian & working with the US Secret Service during the President's Europe trip when GEN Brooks awarded him the Army Achievement Medal, Kosovo Campaign Medal & NATO Peacekeeping Medal; 
for his service with NSWG-2, Commodore Heinz also awarded him the Meritorious Service Medal, when he also earned his law enforcement marksmanship instructor certification.

His decorations also include the SEAL insignia, U.S. Presidential & Secretary of Defense commendations (from President Bush Jr.),
Army Ranger tab, Army freefall parachutist insignia, National officer of the year award (from US Association of the Navy), and several other
unit & campaign awards.

Then he was selected as a US Presidential Management Fellow by the Bush Jr. administration and served his fellowship with the Dept. of Energy as a budget analyst & Congressional liaison officer coordinating multi-billion dollar budgets with world-wide offices incl. responsibility for nuclear security operations and with offices of Congress & congressional sub-committees.
Then in Iraq's Anbar province, he led the security detail for an American female author who wrote a book about middle east combat.

He enjoys continuing his service in the Boston area as a leader assisting many causes important to him & his family and maximizing his time with his children Anthony Jr. & James Donald who was named after their grandfathers.

He has been recognized by many business, charity & government offices for his service in several leadership positions in the region including as VFW post commander in Whitman & VFW district commander (Plymouth County), on the town (finance) advisory committee & board of county commissioners, and as a Scout Leader & Coach for youth basketball & baseball, and still serves on alumni committees at his alma maters and as an executive, board member & volunteer for several nonprofits & committees assisting veterans, the disabled & homeless, and low-income families in need.
He also still serves at Whitman VFW as Judge Advocate, Trustee & Director continuing his work helping veterans & his community.
Besides his dedication to his family & faith, service to veterans is the cause of his life.  
He works as the Hospital Service Coordinator (DAV) with VA Healthcare System Boston.
And he serves as a military spokesperson and motivational speaker and provides services as a Life Coach for business & personal development incl. weight-loss for groups & individuals;  email, call or text him for info and/or assistance.
A vocalist since singing in his Church choir as a youth, he is still asked to and gladly performs the National Anthem at appropriate events.
Please contact him for a copy of his DD-214 military discharge form, the official documentation of his military record & honorable discharge. 
He & his family are grateful for countless blessings esp. faith & health and family, friends & colleagues who are so supportive, most esp. our Gold Star & Blue Star families who sacrificed so much for all of us.

Contact:  cell (508) 868-2547                                                                                                         PO Box 67 Whitman MA 02382

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