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cell (508) 868-2547 PO Box 18 Pembroke MA 02359
Anthony O'Brien is a 2016 challenger for Board of Commissioners of Plymouth County. If you agree we need improved government then Tony asks for your vote & help us get more votes via phone, email, etc. He is a Dad, Navy veteran & longtime manager of operations with similar responsibilities. Make a Facebook post supporting O'Brien for County Commissioner. Please send donation checks to "O'Brien campaign" PO Box 18 Pembroke MA 02356. Thank you for your consideration and support!
     Anthony O'Brien, Sr. is a veteran of the Navy SEALs & a decorated Gulf War veteran. He first joined the Marine Corps inspired by his father Don & family members who served with Honor, Courage, Commitment. 
    Don served with 1st Marine Air Wing in Korea. Tony's Uncle Dick was a Vietnamese linguist-interrogator, Commanding Officer (CO) of 1st Battalion, 8th Regiment, and National Commandant of the Marine Corps League. Uncle Dave was CO of the USS Constitution. Cousin Tom was a Navy Top Gun fighter pilot & brother David was a Marine Corps helicopter mechanic.
    Tony was raised in Brockton, Mass. where his Mom Marigold & youngest brother John died in a home fire when Tony was age 6. His 1st hero, his Mom died trying to save her children. His family is forever grateful to the Brockton Fire Dept. who rescued his family members. 
     Years later his Dad remarried his step-Mom Lorraine, also a widow, also with three children. Don was the first Deacon at St. Edith Church (formerly St. Edward) where his parents led a Christian marriage preparation program for 20 years & where Tony was an altar boy, choir member, parish council member & member of the Boy Scouts then instructor & executive committee member for the Scouts. His family also attended Our Lady Ostrabrama or St. Mary's Church. Tony delivered Boston newspapers every morning for 7 years from 6th grade to his freshman year in college. Brockton was the hometown of world champion boxers Rocky Marciano & Marvin Hagler.
     Tony attended Cardinal Spellman High & Stonehill College. At Spellman, he was selected to the National Honor Society & co-captain of the cross-country & track teams (he ran three 26.2 mi. marathons in his senior year in high school including a 2nd place finish in the New England Jr. AAU marathon) and participated in the theater program. In 2011, he was inducted in the Robert McEwan Drama Hall of Fame at Spellman.  At Stonehill, he was awarded an academic scholarship, worked his way through school as a Teamster warehouseman on the 'graveyard shift' loading delivery trucks & was a coach for youth basketball & baseball.
     Upon joining the Marines, Tony served as an infantry platoon commander with 1st Battalion, 5th Regiment (motto "Pride in being professionals") then as a recon platoon commander with 1st Recon Battalion (motto "Swift, silent, deadly") at Camp Pendleton CA & received the French Fourragere Award & Navy Achievement Medals for his leadership of combat units that deployed throughout Asia on contingency operations working closely with foreign military units. He attended Mountain Leaders Course at Pickle Meadows CA, Navy Diver School in San Diego, Army Airborne (parachutist) Course & Army Jumpmaster School at Ft. Benning GA, and Submarine Diver Operations Supervisor Course trained by the Navy SEALs. His infantry battalion was also a quick-reaction unit for middle east operations. His recon platoon were 'extras' in the Clint Eastwood Marine Corps movie "Heartbreak Ridge" originating the phrase "Improvise, overcome, adapt."
     Then he served at USMC Bootcamp Parris Island SC as a series commander, battalion adjutant & battalion executive officer, received the Meritorious Unit Citation & Navy Achievement Medal for his supervision of Drill Instructors training recruits in a highly-demanding curriculum, and was a member of his battalion marksmanship team that competed in division shooting matches.
     The Marine Corps motto is Semper Fidelis (Always Faithful). 
     The Secretary of the Navy selected him for transfer to the Navy to attend Navy SEALs basic training or Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL ("BUD/S") Training where he received the Top Shooter Award & his Navy SEAL qualification. BUD/S is considered one of the world's toughest military courses in physical conditioning and combat diving, weapons & tactics. 
     The SEALs were established in 1962 by President Kennedy from the Navy UDT "Frogmen" (Underwater Demolition Teams).  SEALs still call each other 'frogman' with utmost respect to their predecessors. 
     The acronym SEAL stands for the SEa, Air & Land capabilities of the Navy commandos. Navy SEALs are highly-trained in diving, demolitions & parachuting in hazardous, high-stress conditions for no-notice crisis-response, disaster-relief, and search & rescue missions. The SEAL motto is "the only easy day was yesterday." 
He served with SEAL Team 5 as a platoon commander; received the Combat Action Ribbon, Joint Meritorious Unit Award & Navy Commendation Medal for operational excellence in Kuwait when his task force conducted combat interdiction operations & processed 1,500 POWs; and attended Navy SERE School (Survival, Evade, Resist, Escape MIA-POW training) in San Diego & Army Freefall-HALO (high-altitude, low-opening) Parachutist Course at Yuma AZ (via MTT/course challenge). His SEAL platoon's field training exercise with Korean SEALs in a high-altitude remote area of So. Korea was suspended so they could provide critical support in the medevac of a pregnant local citizen with serious complications via helicopter during a hazardous snow storm. The platoon also was a quick-reaction unit for security & crisis operations at the U.S. Embassy in Manila, Philippines. 
     He is a veteran of the Persian Gulf War & received the Southwest Asia Medal and Kuwait Liberation Medal, veteran of disaster-relief operations including the 1991 Bangladesh cyclone disaster receiving the Humanitarian Service Medal for his leadership with the first-responder task force that provided critical response to the overnight destruction of the coast including massive flooding and thousands of deaths of humans & livestock, and a veteran of several other operations as well as service with Secret Service details for 3 U.S. Presidents

     While stationed in San Diego, he was a top-ranked triathlete (swim-bike-run) in one of the most competitive racing regions in the world.   
     He also served with SEAL Delivery Vehicle Team 1 as a platoon commander where he received the Navy Unit Commendation & Battle Effectiveness Award for his technical expertise conducting hazardous  operations & training with several submarines; served with the ceremonial diver team who still dive remains of WWII "Pearl Harbor survivors" to their final resting place alongside the hull of the USS Arizona; and was a member of the Pacific Armed Forces Exhibition Skydiving Team that parachuted into NFL games & DARE events hosted by police & schools.
Then he was assigned as Chief of the Maritime Counter-terrorism Operations Section for the Commander-in-Chief Pacific theater where he received the Defense Meritorious Service Medal for superb coordination of emergency response & disaster relief training & operations with federal agencies & national assets. In 1997, he participated in Operation Longfuse with a law enforcement task force that busted a nation-wide weapons theft ring & was selected National Officer of the Year by the Association of the U.S. Navy for his leadership of his units' operational support excellence. The core values of the Navy  are Honor, Courage, Commitment. 
      In 1998, his family lost his 2nd Mom their beloved Lorraine to cancer. We ask that you join with us in donating money to cancer research to accelerate solving this difficult problem. Years later his Dad remarried Andrea, also a widow, also with seven children. They have 33 grandchildren.
Besides being a Jumpmaster and Diver Operations Supervisor, his military instructor certifications include rock-climbing, skiing, and water safety-survival. He was certified by the NRA as a Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor. He earned his FAA pilot license in Columbia SC.
     During his military service, he was a member of the Marine Corps Virginia Rugby team and won awards in military boxing & shooting tournaments, road races, biathlons (ski-shoot), triathlons (swim-bike-run) and finished 15 marathons including the IRONMAN Triathlon World Championship in Hawaii. 
     In 2000, h
e attended Army Ranger School at Ft. Benning GA & Eglin AFB FL and received a Distinguished Leadership Award for his superior performance as recognized by his instructors and classmates. He was one of only three to ever graduate Ranger School over the age of 40. The Ranger motto is Rangers Lead the Way.
Lieutenant Commander O'Brien's final 
assignment was at Norfolk VA when he served as Naval Special Warfare Group 2 Training Officer (equivalent to regiment level) for 4 SEAL teams, Director of the SEAL Sniper and Breacher Courses, Maritime Operations Officer for SOCOM Y2K Task Force at Ft. Bragg, N.C. & Commander of Special Operations Detachment Kosovo and received the Meritorious Service Medal, Joint Service Achievement Medal, Army Achievement Medal & U.S. Presidential Commendation for his leadership in training & operational excellence.  
     He trained in 25 states, made 8 deployments to 30 countries in Asia, Europe and the middle-east and is also a veteran of the Kosovo conflict in 2001 receiving the NATO Medal & Kosovo Campaign Medal with SEAL Team 2 for leadership of his detachment's participation in peacekeeping operations & hazardous missions. 
     He received other personal, unit & campaign awards during his military service.
He was selected & served as a US Presidential Management Fellow & Budget Analyst/Congressional Liaison with the Dept. of Energy in Washington DC;  served with the VFW as a post commander & district commander for 15 posts in Plymouth County; and served as a county commissioner representing 27 towns in his home state of Massachusetts. 
     Tony is very appreciative of the service of colleagues in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines & Coast Guard and their reserve & national guard counterparts with whom he served. He has many family members & friends still serving & keeps all in uniform & in harms way in his prayers.
     Mr. O'Brien has been a spokesperson in national & local media in the U.S. & Canada for matters related to Navy SEALs & national security and is regularly asked to speak at events, meetings, schools, etc. about the "History of Navy SEALs."  Please contact him anytime for his assistance.
     He has been recognized for his long-time service as a board member, board chairman & volunteer for several non-profits, food pantries & shelters assisting our neighbors-in-need & veterans as well as a coach for youth baseball & basketball before, during & following his military service. He is a former member of his town Advisory (Finance) Committee managing the town budget. He is the chairman of the board for the United Way Emergency Food & Shelter Program of Greater Plymouth County working with FEMA to assist dozens of charities, chairman of the Human Rights Committee (for mental disabilities) of southeastern Mass. working with the state to assist hundreds of clients & families, member of the Board of Trustees for VFW District 12 of Plymouth County representing 15 posts & 3,000 members, member of the Chamber of Commerce, and DAV Hospital Service Coordinator managing transportation offices for Brockton & Boston VA Hospitals. 
     His decades of leadership and staff experience include extensive management of personnel, budgets and facilities and countless staff functions while running & assisting international, national & local operations and assisting many countries, communities, governments, businesses & charities.
     His family's lifelong passion for public service & community service and helping veterans is dedicated to uniformed patriots who made the ultimate sacrifice for our great country and those who continue to Stand the Watch in accordance with the motto of the VFW: "Honor the dead by helping the living" and motto of the DAV:  "Fulfilling our promises to those who served."
     He & most of his family live throughout southeastern Mass.  
Contact: (508) 868-2547 LinkedIn PO Box 18 Pembroke MA 02359'BrienSr

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